Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love being excited to wake up!

I remember being excited to get up each morning and jump on the scale to see what it said, knowing that I had eaten well the day before. The last couple of weeks I didn't have many of those days, since I was eating so much Christmas junk. It was great this morning to bound out of bed to jump on. Yep - I am one of those people that are dictated by the scale, to a degree. Obviously I don't expect to lose every day, and of course there are those days of healthy eating and the scale is outrageously high the next morning, but for the most part I know a good day means good things on the scale - even if that means a maintain.  But it is more knowing that I had control the day before to positively influence what appears back to me on the scale.

I am also loving my Saturday morning meetings - another reason to be excited about the weekends! And knowing that I can be "off plan" somewhat on Saturday.

I still need to compile a list of new dinners, lunches, snacks, and breakfasts I want to try for the next couple of months - even if it is just 1-2 a week.

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