Friday, January 4, 2013

Wrote too soon...

Yesterday I was going great until 6:30 - I ate all my normal stuff at work, had my snack in the car (on Thursdays I leave at 3:00 to take my daughter to gymnastics, then I sit in the car from 4-5 to have a conference call). We usually get home at 6:30 - since the fall, my husband has been picking up my son and then getting a pizza and salad for dinner. But for budget (and health) reasons I figure we don't need to order out pizza once a week - so I told him to heat frozen chicken, broccoli and rice for dinner. I got home and was really stressed about the 2-3 hours worth of work I had to do after the kids went to bed, so I found myself snacking on Chex Mix while dinner was heating, and while working I ate a ton more Chex Mix as well as the remaing Christmas chocolate. Ugh. Low and behold I wasn't very excited to get out of bed this morning. But I will take whatever the scale says Saturday morning and then start fresh and the New Year will really be on.

Note to self: Football playoffs is NOT a reason to eat munchies in front of the tv (in the afternoon which is technically not eating time). We can eat crap on Superbowl Sunday, regardless of who is in the game, but not before!

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