Sunday, October 19, 2014

I ran, I ran, I ran!!!!

I was like a kid before Chistmas Saturday night knowing I would get out to run on Sunday morning.

I met a friend at 6:30 am which at this time of year means pitch black!! It was fun to run as the sun came up, though we couldn't see it happen in the wooded trail.

My friend could only run 4 miles. I knew I wanted to go 7, so after we got back to our cars, I took off my long sleeve shirt, put on my music and ran 1.5 miles out and back.

My run on my own wasn't all peaches and cream because I was already tired and had a full day ahead of me so my mind wasn't fully on it.

I was a little nervous about what was going on with my toes - I didn't unwrap them from the bandaids until this evening and the look good.

After the run we spent 3 hours a corn maze- I had worn my fitbit for the run (which I never do) and the maze - I've gone over 29,000 steps today!!

What I did think about  on my run was my potential goals for 2015. I know I don't want to concentrate on miles. I think I want to concentrate on # of runs. If I do all the runs I plan on the rest of the year, which include a mid-week 3 mile treadmill run, then I will hit 90 runs and 400 miles.

I would like to be more consistent with my mid-week runs, especially on the dreadmill. I can't only run during the week from mid-March - mid-July.

I would like to do a race in each of the 6 New England states, but I am not sure if that will be possible. The one I want to do in Maine is a lottery. And Connecticut really isn't convenient.

I also contemplated trying to run 10+ runs greater than a 5K - I had originally thought 10+ 10K races, but they still really are a rarity so harder to come by. But my 3 part race in February/March is a 3, 4 and 5 miles.

But mainly I want concentrate on fitness and do a lot more cross training - biking, swimming, weight training, and yoga. So maybe my goal shouldn't be the # of runs, but the # of workouts.

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