Sunday, October 12, 2014

One week later....

It has definitely been a rough week!

My toes are still shredded - I probably should  have gone to Urgent Care, but I haven't. I tried putting on shoes and socks yesterday for the first time in 6 days and it sucked! I wore Crocs or flip flops to work every day. My quads feel fine now, but my calves and other leg muscles are aching because I can't walk normally.

I had to bag out of the 10K tomorrow, which sucks! So many people I know are doing various races this weekend and I want to be doing some sort of running - even just for fun. I am really hoping I can next weekend. I am jonesing for a run. The weather is beautiful, the trees are beautiful. It is weather that is meant to be run in!

My eating was completely out of control this week - not only on Sunday, but Monday as well. And some other low points during the week (TOM came this week as well, so that didn't help). But towards the end of the week I turned it around and ended up going to my WW meeting yesterday.

I wasn't going to get on the scale (earlier in the week, no way I would have because the scale was up 9 lbs - yep, 9 lbs!!!) But in all it ended up being 4 lbs at WW (3.6 on my scale at home, but I have changed from my summer weigh in outfit back to my cooler weather weigh in outfit, so additional clothing weight).

Yesterday wasn't perfect - me and the Halloween Oreos have been too close and me and the kids went out to dinner and we all ordered dessert.

But today is a new day. I am the only one in the family going to work/school tomorrow (might as well work since I am not racing) so I am going to organize and clean and get ready for a new successful week!

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