Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Still among the walking wounded.....

I want to run so badly. So, so badly. It is almost 80 degrees out. I worry that with the rain we are supposed to get later this week will knock all the beautiful leaves off and by Sunday they were all be on the ground.

My toes are still in pain - mainly the right one. The left one is only painful where the cuticle meets the toe and I think that is due to the shoes I wore yesterday. But the same shoes seem to have created a blister on the right toe and the right toe is still raw and gross.

But I am running this weekend - I have to. I am already discouraged by the scale - hello bad eating this weekend (the culprits got thrown in the trash this morning)....okay, the bad eating has trickled into this week as well.

I am already worried about what I am going to wear on vacation in 18 days. But I know if I eat cleanly for those 18 days I can feel better about myself.

But I am so stressed about work and vacation coming up and all the stuff the kids have going on. That is why I need to run!!!!

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