Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another afternoon, another fail....

I arrived at work and found they had dismantled our kitchen, but I found a spoon, found the quiet nook they had hidden the fridge, on with my day. Had my breakfast, later in the morning had my snack of a fruit cup (drained) and a Weight Watchers cheese stick.

Around 12:30 I stopped and talked to my manager and before I knew it, it was 1:00. Instead of shlepping around to find a microwave, I decided to go home to eat lunch because I had a 2:00 and 3:00 meeting. I got home at 1:30, heated up my Lean Cuisine pizza and ate my carrots. At work I would have been fine. But then rice cakes (a full bag, 400 calories worth) called me name. Then the rest of a bag a prunes. Yes, prunes! I told you I didn't have much food in my house.

I didn't have another snack. But still - I didn't need those foods at that time of day. I could easily have done without. I wasn't hungry. I was stressed, anxious, bored, procrastinating.....

It was Taco night. I felt like I made wise choices.
I had 2 flax tortillas instead of the hard ones the rest of the family had
I had fat-free cheese instead of full fat
I had low fat sour cream (I just can't do fat-free for sour cream)
I made "rice" out of sweet potatoes and cooked it with peppers and onions instead of our usual bagged Spanish rice
I didn't have any of the chicken meat - it was perfectly healthy, I just was having other stuff
I had bought fire-roasted corn and cooked that up with black beans
I had salsa
I had 90 calories of guacamole (the single serving packs) split between my 2 tacos.

But later in the evening my stomach was going crazy - not sure if it was the prunes :) Horrible, horrible gas. I felt awful :( I couldn't sleep, so I stayed up way too late, and thus didn't get up at 4:30 this morning to run :(

Today is another day. Another day of trying.


  1. You know...I'm not sure I have ever eaten a prune.....hmmm But that is not what my comment is to be about of course...just a side note (and because I tend to ramble!)

    I think that other than your little binge of eating, you did EXCELLENT!!!!! You didn't allow the binge/slide to carry you through dinner and that is a HUGE victory! So often we fall and then just throw up our hands and say "Pile the cheese, gaucamole, full fat sour cream on!!!"


    I actually love prunes, but only eat a couple at a time.