Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Not good Tuesday....

Work has gotten really stressful again so I have gone back to not weighing myself daily, which isn't good.

Also, I have determined that during ovulation I have almost PMS symptoms. No fun on the food front (or the emotions!)

I owed a friend lunch and literally at the last second, as I was waiting in line to pay, I switched my water for a can of coke. I haven't had coke in like a month or more. I have been sleeping so awfully lately (mainly due to the work stress) that I was so tired.

Snack at home was yeah.....chocolate syrup and almonds - not together. Not proud of that moment.

Dinner was made by my husband....including the ice cream dessert. No reason to have ice cream on a Tuesday night except that it was there.

It is cold, cold, cold here in MA so no running outside. And I just don't have it in my heart to run on the treadmill. My warm bed is way more comfortable.


  1. Make yourself get back on the scales. If that is what works for you (like it does for me) then it's important for you to get back on the scales....make the time...make it a habit again!

    Hopefully you can start getting some better nights sleep...that just may turn everything around!

  2. Work stress is the worst. If only we were rich instead of cute.