Monday, January 18, 2016

January is more than 1/2 over!!!

I've decided to celebrate each weekend in January (not with food!) instead of waiting until February to arrive. Yes, I hate January THAT much! Today is MLK day and my husband has a holiday and the kids are off from school and I am working. But I am working from home because it is snowing - Not terribly hard, but I am a wimp with driving in the snow and so many of the people on my team work remotely and my client has a holiday, so here I am while the rest of my family still sleeps.

I worked from home on Friday as well - with my full Sundays spent at my mom's house clearing stuff out, and Saturdays being so busy, I just needed to get laundry and the such done. It felt fantastic to go into the weekend like that. When the kids were infants I worked from home every Friday. I do miss that!

My daytime eating this weekend was spot on.

I went to WW Saturday morning - .4 gain. But I went!

Dinners both days weren't so hot.
I make Chili and Stew each January during the playoffs to remind us of when we used to have Patriots season tickets and I would make those for tailgating.
My chili is awesome, but not particularly healthy. And I made cornbread as well. And we had a ton of jalepenos left over from New Years so my husband made stuffed jalapenos.
I didn't drink beer during the game because I was planning on running Sunday.
Running didn't happen. At the last minute my partner called to say she wanted to sleep in. I was partly annoyed because we were only going early because of her - if I had planned on 8 like I would have liked to, I would have gone out. But instead I went back to bed for 2 hours which I really needed because I haven't been sleeping well.

I ate well all day at my mom's (no cookies this week!), but came home starving and had another meal of chili and cornbread and this time with a beer. AND I had chocolate ice cream for dessert.
But unfortunately the chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce kept me up way too late. So I am tired. But I am going to try my hardest to eat normal even though I am home.

I unfortunately haven't menu planned at all for this week. But I will make sure I don't buy my lunch at all this week (except I do owe my work-BFF lunch, so maybe once).

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  1. Awesome job on the just to figure out how to make the weekends awesome and spot on also!