Friday, January 8, 2016

Very unsuccessful week

For so long I've been saying that all my weight-gain has been between 5 pm and 7 pm, but this week was clearly a demonstration that since my new schedule change in September, my weight gain has been mid-afternoon. I am supposed to leave work around 3:00 to get the kids off the bus at 3:30, but I've found that it is easier to leave around 1:30 and then get some work done at home before the bus instead of being stressed about leaving work on time and potential traffic.

But I find myself eating a ton in the afternoon, when really I am not hungry because I did just eat lunch, but now I have access to food I didn't used to in the afternoon. And this week, because I had done a fairly good job of cleaning out the pantry last weekend, I was eating even weirder foods - PB2, marshmallows (the rest of them have been tossed!), tabbouleh and crackers, lots and lots of string cheese.

So while I was very good at not buying my lunch this week (well, I did work from home 2 days), I need to do MUCH better with the afternoon eating. I know tracking would help this....I am horrible at tracking.

But I am going to my WW meeting tomorrow regardless of how this week went.

On to next week!

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  1. Yes, tracking is HUGE for me. It is difficult at first but then it really does become second nature.

    Good luck with coming up with a plan to curb that afternoon food frenzy!!!!!!