Thursday, January 14, 2016

Failing but trying.....

I am trying to think about Tuesday. How did Tuesday go.....

I know I did end up buying lunch - this whole no-kitchen-nearby thing at work continued to throw me for a loop, so while I had packed my Lean Cuisine Deluxe pizza, I chose to go downstairs and buy lunch - which my fallback is chicken salad on a wheat rollup with a ton of veggies, but at some point someone introduced me to the spicy ranch. And I always get a side - the pasta salad looked fabulous, but I chose chips instead. But I didn't get a Coke - a win in my book!

I can't remember if I munched at home in the afternoon - I am thinking not. But I really can't remember. Instead of just making pasta on our crazy Tuesday night, I did make a huge salad and a frozen pizza and I had more salad than pizza. Though I did share my daughter's mac & cheese after she came home from Ski Club.

Wednesday we had our post-Holiday Lunch with my work group at a new relatively-authentic Mexican restaurant. Chips and salsa and guacamole galore. Along with shrimp fajitas.

And this morning I RAN!!!! For the first time since December 10th I got up at 4:30 am and ran.  I was nervous if it would be slippery (and it was cold - 18 degrees!) but it wasn't too bad. I had laid out my clothes, set me alarm. And then around 11:30 I decided to turn off my alarm (I had been trying to sleep since 10:00). But I woke up at 4:20 and decided I really had not excuses not to get up. I needed to go out. So I did. Only 3 miles, but it felt fantastic!


  1. Take your victories! That no Coke is a huge one! And even bigger? The run outside in the cold!!!!

  2. Omg! Good job running in -18. My brain doesn't even understand that temperature!