Friday, April 15, 2011

Shopping at a new grocery store

Because of our changed financial situation I am now shopping at a different grocery store - wow - $40-$50 savings a week! But they don't have all of the same stuff as my old store. So I've had the dilemma of - do I find a replacement or spend the extra money on a few items to get what I need. I have decided to do the later for the most part. My motto always has been that money is no object when it comes to losing weight. And while money means something very different now, it does still apply. My new store does not have the Raisin Kashi Good Friends. I tried buying the original last week and it is just not the same, not even when I add my own raisins. So I will go back to the cereal I love - just hopefully I can get it when it is on sale! This morning was part of the reason why - I just wasn't in the mood for that cereal so I didn't bring my breakfast to work (this was made easier by the fact that I am going out to lunch with a friend, so I just didn't bring any food to work) - Instead I got a breakfast sandwich AND a yogurt parfait. Ugh (but so yummy)

I really am struggling to get back in the groove. I so easily go thrown off track when my schedule changes and we've had some major changes in the last few weeks. I hate been thrown off so easily - I am just not an easily adaptable person. Once I get used to the new routine I am golden, but getting used to it, I really struggle.

My pile of Size 16 capris and shorts still sit on my dresser, where they have been for the last week. I don't want to try them on. TOM definitely doesn't help (that and our one day of 80 degree weather was all we had - It was 33 degrees this morning when I woke up - So there is less incentive to try them on).

When I am feeling better I will also try on some size L shirts. Most of my XLs are bordering on too big, but I don't think the L will fit right. Since I had my kid, "the girls" are definitely larger than they were (and larger than I would like - hopefully they will disappear with the weight loss), so while the shirts fit up top and in the arms, they tend to be too short and show the tummy that I never had until I had my second child.

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