Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Last Week: 190.0
This Week: 190.8
Change: +.8

This week continued to be a stressful week. Stress due to work is one thing. My husband being out of work is a whole other story. But I can't blame it all on that because this pattern has been going on pretty much for the last 2 months.

I get frustrated and sad when I feel that I haven't learned anything if I am letting stressors affect my life like this. But at the same time it isn't like I've abandoned weight-loss/healthy living all together. If I had I would be feeling really down. I get on the scale each morning and I haven't been eating a lot of junk. I am not eating more meals, except for a couple of post-kids-in-bed desserts around my son's birthday. My issues really are nibbling and too big dinners.

So what is the plan? (I do have a plan!) Tomorrow is mine and my hubands's organization day - I am taking the day off, we're cleaning the house, we're getting our affairs in order, and Daddy Daycare starts on Monday. And with those affairs, means me getting up in the morning to work out. I will be starting from scratch with walking on the treadmill, but that is okay.

While I am having mini-anxiety attacks, I am excited for this new chapter of our lives. I am eager to be healthy in all aspects of our lives and this bump along the road will make us financially healthier and will make our marriage better as well.

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  1. Once again, I'm so happy that you keep plugging along and don't quit. These major changes are rough, but coming back to the blog, getting those feelings out and knowing that you'll get back on track will definitely lead you to your goal.

    Have a good Friday tomorrow!