Monday, April 4, 2011

So much for the 180s....

I did something last night that I haven't done in a very, very long time and I am not proud at all. Around 8:30 I made this incredible Israeli couscous dish for dinner tonight - I only make it a couple times a year and it is so yummy. But I found myself eating almost 1/2 the dish last night. Yep, right out of the bowl.

And I am feeling it this morning. I woke up bloated (and of course the scale was way up), feeling starving because I was dehydrated. All those horrible feelings that I haven't felt in so long because I usually don't eat after 6 pm.

I tell myself it is the stress. I know it is. With my husband now home, it is one of those top 10 stressors we face in life. I had a complete anxiety attack on Saturday after figuring out our budget - We are okay for at least the next 5 months which is a lot better than we could be - I know people that can't survive a month, a week even. And I know being on a strict budget will be good for us over all. But it did send me into a tailspin on Saturday.

But I am going to just keep trucking. Keep weighing myself. And try to get moving - That is key I know. Gotta do it. Starting next Monday is when our routine completely changes and I've got to get back into the habit of going to bed early to get up and at least walk on the treadmill - I know the exercise will be good for all of this stress.

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