Monday, February 6, 2012

The Boston Marathon Finish Line

I signed up for my April 5K today which finishes at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. It is the day before the marathon, so the finish line will be painted. I am pretty psyched. I've been watching the marathon for years and never, ever had any desire to run it. I still don't have the desire to do a marathon, or even a half. A 10K....maybe, we'll see. I want to sign up for a 3 part race next March which is a 3 mile, then 4 mile, then 5 mile. It has a kick-ass medal that fits together as a puzzle. But for now 5K is fine and being able to run across the finish line in Boston will be cool. It will be by far my biggest race, with a 6,000 person cap.

I know why I don't drink anymore! I feel like crud today. I woke up in the middle of the night and ate a ton of crackers and a gingerale because I was starving! This is why I don't drink anymore. Not only the calories of the alcohol, the calories you eat while you are drinking, and then the calories you eat the next day to make yourself feel better, and top it off the exercise you don't get the next day because you feel like hell. I could never work out hungover. This morning I had a bunch more crackers and 2 8-oz cokes on the way to work!

And then there are the 2 cigarettes I smoked last night. I hadn't had 1 in almost 2 years! And I remember why. I sware my lungs hurt this morning. But that is maybe also due to the fact that it was only 30 degrees when I ran yesterday. I used my fast-acting inhaler which I was given in November after I got sick after my first ever run outside.

The Super Bowl is over, spring is around the corner (though it is only supposed to be in the 20s this weekend!), the days are getting longer, Spring Training starts in a few weeks. Yeah!!!!!

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  1. That will be really neat to cross the line of the Boston Marathon, even if you're just running the 5K. You gotta get a picture of it. :)