Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in

Last Week: 211.8
This Week: 211.8
Change: 0.0

Somehow I showed a loss of 1.4 at WW even though I was the same on my scale this morning, which is what I post. I forgot my cereal (when WW was at 11:00 I wouldn't eat breakfast, but now that it is at noon I have to eat!) so only had yogurt plus I went to the bathroom a few more times this week.

I almost didn't want to put on my WW dress this morning. But I did. I didn't want to show a gain that would have been there had I worn regular clothes.

This weekend I have a very depressing post coming up as it will be 1 year since I started gaining :(

Life continues to be stressful. My boss was out on vacation this week and I had a ton of work, plus all the house stuff. We've been scrambling to try to pack up 1/2 our house so we can do work to sell it. Wednesday my realtor told me the depressing news of what she thinks we should list my house at. Ugh. But if we change the counters and paint and re-carpet the basement we could list it at $10K more. So this weekend we are renting a U-haul to not only take the rest of the stuff we intended to to the storage unit, but also almost all of the basement so we can do this work. Ugh!

And I am battling another chest cold, so even if I had enough energy to run, there is no way I could

Eating has been far from stellar, so I was actually pretty suprised with a maintain this week. Hectic nights of packing and looking at houses and I took yesterday for a girls day with my daughter, so lots of meals out. And we're trying to eat our way through the pantry so some meals aren't that great.

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  1. Hello there! Taking a few minutes to pop in and check on blogs. I hope you are well and enjoying some warmer weather.