Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Really hitting a low point here....

Yesterday was a colosal, horrible eating day. I had to run to Target at lunch where I got some peanut M&Ms to tide me over to lunch, bought lunch at Fresh City (ate way too much) and went out to dinner with my family to celebrate my husband's first day of work today, as well as my daughters 5.5 birthdat and her 100 day in Kindergarten.

The scale as of late has me all the way back to my starting weight of 216. Ugh. Really ugh. Like borderline clothes are too tight. I think my shoes are tight too. Like horribly ugh.

I had gotten out my work out clothes last night to start C25K overagain this morning, but my husband had a cold and was snoring, and even though it wasn't my first day of work, I kept waking up to check to the clock thinking we would oversleep. So needless to say, I didn't get up :(

No word on whether WW will actually come back to work. I have a feeling we don't have enough people :(

I've got to turn it around! Now!!!!!

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  1. I totally feel you right now. Just told a girl today that I feel like my inner rebellious child doesn't want to make healthy choices. Don't give up...maybe just hang on until "it" comes back and you find your groove.

    And start running again like you planned...when you can. Life happens, don,t stress when you have to change the plans. *hug*