Friday, February 28, 2014

Can I have 2 kicking weeks in a row?

This week isn't even over yet and I am already looking towards next week. I expect to be down 3 pounds tomorrow! I would love to be down another 2 next week which would bring me to my 1/2 way point. Then I would plan to maintain for a couple of weeks because I can't keep dropping more than a pound a week - that just isn't how I lose weight!

Working out this week just didn't happen. Monday night my daughter was up at 4:30 am and Wednesday night my son came in at 2:30 with a nightmare. So sleep was fairly limited.

But eating was 100% on plan this week. Ate my normal foods at work (even had lunch with co-workers in the cafeteria but brought my lunch with me) - though I only cut up my pizza on Monday. After that the sissors disappeared and I was lazy and just ate the full 10 points.

There was no snacking while making dinner outside of some carrots and fruit on a couple of days. And dinner portions were in control, even with meals I loved.

I signed up for 2 more races - the Diva Dash in September and a 10K in June. This will  be my first 10K. It is downhill and then uphill! Coming back it goes up part of which is called "Heartbreak Hill" on the Boston Marathon route.

I've got my 4 mile race on Sunday. Thankfully the weather report has come more favorable than the high of 17 originally planned. Thank goodness tomorrow is March, because this past week has been downright miserable. Not that the next week seems much better. But at least we can say that Meteorological Spring starts tomorrow!

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