Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekends are too fast!

This weekend was such a blur!

After getting back from WW and showering, we dropped the kids off at my parents. We did a whirl-wind trip to Toys R Us to get a few things for my son's 5th birthday.

Then we headed to the bike store to get us all bikes- well it turned out to be 2 bike stores across the street from each other. Me and my husband got the same Trek bike - just a basic mountain bike, okay for tootling around. We got my son a 20" bike with feet brakes, and my daughter a 24" bike with hand brakes - yikes!

Next we went to the mall (I can't remember the last time I was there on a weekend!) to the Keurig store for my husbands, to Macy's to stock up on Clinique for me. I had tried to get cheaper stuff and never liked it (well, my skin didn't like it) so I am back to the expensive stuff.

Then we went to a brew pub for a late lunch. We each had a couple of beers, split some wings, and I had a pulled pork sandwich (I didn't eat the bread) and onion rings. Yummy! Then we saw "American Hussle" - I fell asleep in the beginning because of the beers (and I thought it was slow). but liked it more after my short nap :) I had a PB&J sandwich for a late dinner when we got home.

This morning I ran a 5K around the neighborhood. It was chilly but felt wonderful to be outside, despite all the snow. And then the rest of the day was all about my daughter:
--I took her to swimming where she moved up a level - no working out or swimming for me
--After a quick lunch and shower we all went back to the mall to get her ear's pierced (she is 7.5)
--Back home for homework, then on to see Frozen (the sing-a-long version)

Too quick! My foot is bothering me some. I am going to just try to work through it. I don't want to go back to basics and run less than 3 miles.


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