Sunday, February 23, 2014

I saw the magic number...

Yep, I actually saw 194.8 this morning. Granted, it was almost 8 o'clock in the morning and I had already gone to the bathroom twice, but it was there. Not sure when I will see it again. But that is okay. I was a little nervous that TOM might arrive 2 days early in the middle of the race since I always seem to have an unexpected dip on the morning TOM arrives.

Last night for dinner I got to try out my spiralizer . I loved it. I made zucchini noodles. I also made caprese salad and homemade sauce. Heaven! I couldn't not have any pasta. But had very little compared to the volume of zucchini noodles I had. I can't wait to experiment more. I did nibble some extra Parmesan cheese while making dinner, but in all I had a pretty good day. We went to a hockey game at night and I didn't even nibble on the popcorn the rest of the family got.

Today was Race #1 day. First we had a birthday party to go to in our old town - the completely opposite direction from the race. I took the kids and my husband came later, so then I could drive to the race. It was 45 minutes away and I only had 90 minutes. I was unfamiliar with the location, the traffic wasn't good, and I had to park further away. The number of spots close by had greatly been reduced by all the snow and the parking on the street was non existent because of the snow.

I had had a banana at home, a PB&J sandwich on the way to the party, and another banana and a whole wheat waffle with jelly on the way to the race. I had never run at 1:00 in the afternoon. Once parked, I changed into my sneakers and I was off. It was 47-50 degrees so I didn't have to worry about extra layers, hats or gloves. It was overcast so I didn't have to worry about sunglasses.

I got my bib at the Irish pub hosting the race and stupid me got my t-shirt. Such a newbie. So many people were wearing their t-shirts, but no way I was going to wear cotton! Even over my 2 layers I already had on. So I schlepped my t-shirt back to the car and jogged back, arriving in line 2 minutes before the start of the race.

The race was 3 miles. The beginning was through windy narrow streets, so the usual congestion, and the usual people not getting out of the way. This was my 8th 5K, but the first one where I wasn't familiar with the route. I had briefly glimpsed at the elevation map, but since it was in a town I don't know and I have never run a race where elevation mattered (ie all the previous ones where pretty darn flat!) I didn't really think about it. But then we did hit a hill that seemed to go on forever. Experienced runners probably wouldn't have cared, but it was hard for me, the girl who spent 99% of her miles running on a rail trail. A lot of people walked but I pushed on. I haven't walked while running in so long - a lot of it is because I have a hard time getting going again, but also because I run so slowly, walking isn't going to make much of a difference!

But 34:26 minutes later, my race was over. Not a PR, not that I was expecting to, but a huge learning experience. I am terrified for next week's 4 mile race because there is a huge hill in the middle of it (it is an out and back with a divergence in the middle for this huge hill) - I am going to drive up there on Saturday to check it out. And right now the weather forecast for Sunday is 17 degree. Yeah....

Another first today was my first race where I went alone. Usually I don't know anyone running, but to not have anyone waiting for me at the end was a first. But honestly it was a little nice because I had no guilt of having someone standing out in the weather (my only race I've done not between Thanksgiving and the end of February, it was raining) was nice. But I am nervous for next weekend - There aren't bag checks at these races, but I would want someone to hold my extra layer. I'll figure it out. And this time I am getting there earlier!

Crappy week for work coming up, TOM will be arriving, weather is more suitable for January, and nervous over what our tax return may be...But come Saturday it will be March, no matter how cold it will be! Spring is coming. Daylight savings starts in TWO weeks!

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