Friday, September 12, 2014

NSV of sorts

This is one of my Before pictures - It was after our whirl-wind trip to Florida and my MIL passed away that I knew I had to make a change. Stepping on the scale it said 236 lbs, 5 lbs more than when I was 9 months pregnant with my son.

I originally wanted to wear the same shirt when we get our picture taken in front of the Castle in a couple of months, but in reality the shirt is way too big. It is an XL and I am definitely firmly in a L.

I went to the Disney Store (remember where there was one in every we only have 2 in the eastern part of our state, one of which is 10 minutes from work) to check out new shirts for all of us for the trip. My kids have shirts they could wear (and still probably will) and even my husband can easily fit into that shirt he is wearing, but I wanted us to all have something new.

When looking at the ladies size L shirts, I felt they looked really big. I looked at the Ms and decided that was what I was going to buy for myself.

I finally tried on the 3 I bought. I am keeping them though I don't think I will  be washing/drying them before the trip :)  They are perfectly acceptable and I do feel like the Ls would have been too big.

I called this post an "NSV of sorts" because honestly, I think the Disney Store shirts run pretty big so it's not like I think I am an M in anything else! The joy of the sizing game. But for now, I will take it. And if the shirts are too small after I wash them after the trip, at least I know I'll have some Disney shirts to wear when I hit goal!

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  1. It's fun to be able to buy a smaller size...even if you are pretty sure the store runs bigger. :) Aren't you glad you can't fit into the old t?? Awesome!

    Have fun at Disney World! We've only gone once and my husband already said we'd go again when our twins graduate high school... spring 2016. Yikes! Hopefully I'm buying a smaller shirt then as well. ;)