Saturday, September 27, 2014

My poor toes!!!

I can't do this 1/2 marathon or have a DNF because of my toes, I am going to be pissed!!

After much googling, I decided I needed to drain the 2 large blisters I got last weekend. I did it Tuesday night, but by Thursday night they were filled again, so I drained them again. Yesterday I had the day off so I left the blister bandaids off of them to let them dry out, but then my rest toe cracked and bled. And when I put the blister bandaid back on, the top layer ripped off when I took it off.

I wanted to test my feet out, so I decided to do 7 miles this morning. Then I would run/walk the 5K tomorrow with my daughter.

I wrapped my toes and headed out. I felt really good running and my toes felt good for 5 miles. Then they both started to hurt. I hadn't brought shoes to change into since I haven't been doing that unless I run 10+ miles. When I got out of the car at home (after a 25 minute drive) I could barely walk my toes hurt so much.

I decided to forego my daughter's soccer game so I could shower and do errands and tend to my toes. I think I need to at least order new socks for next weekend (it makes me nervous to try something new on such a big run) and I will be tending to my toes all week long - I may even wear Crocs to work all week - how sexy!!!

I am also concerned amount the pain in my toes altering my walking gait and that I will screw up my muscles just by walking.

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