Thursday, March 16, 2017

A horrible few days

And everything was going so well....Some months I feel that ovulation time is just as bad as period time.

Monday night for dinner we had Korean BBQ pork. It was too cold to grill, so I just pan cooked it and made some white rice in the Instant Pot (to date, the only thing I have made in it). I completely overate and my stomach was killing me. I wonder if it was also because I had had rice which I don't usually eat.

The next day was the blizzard and I had taken the day off. Besides some crafts, I also made:

1) Rainbow Jello
2) Chocolate Chip Cookies
3) Taco Pizza (because it was Pi day and Taco Tuesday)

Wednesday the kids had a delay because it was icy and then I was home alone. Pretty much all I ate all day was chocolate chip cookies. I felt like crap and go into bed at 6 pm.

Today is another day. I am going to TRY to eat well for the next day or 2 - Friday is my son's birthday and birthday party and we then have TWO other eating activities over the weekend to celebrate.

As for exercise/running, I haven't run since last Thursday. I haven't actively exercised since Sunday. Yesterday I think I got 3500 steps! It is freezing out and the snow is here to stay for a while. I need to get my heart back into the treadmill and bike. But at least I am still weighing myself every day - even if the # is kind of scary.

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  1. The weather totally derailed me.....just keep weighing yourself and the weather WILL get better and that will help us get our mojo back!!!!!

    That said...step away from the said you went to bed because you didn't feel good after the day of cookies and we both know that it was partly your body telling you to lay off the cookies.