Monday, March 6, 2017

Turning it around?

What happened to spring???!!

Thursday morning I got up again and ran, this time 3 miles. It was 58 when we started at 5 am and 48 by the time we started. It was in the 20s by the time we went to bed. Eating still wasn't good on Thursday. I need to nip the soda in the butt!

Friday was a crazy work day but the good news is I ate pretty well! Even though I was home, there really wasn't much time to get up off the couch and eat. Of course my steps suffered, but I made up for them later that evening (I tried out the bike and found I get about the same amount of steps in the same time as on the treadmill). I also did my grocery shopping and went to BJs so I wouldn't have to leave the house for the rest of the weekend because it was going to be freezing!!!

Saturday I went to Weight Watchers --227. When I got home I got on the bike again and went 40 minutes and ate pretty well. But at the end of the day I was 400 steps short of 10,000 but I didn't get out of bed and do more.

Sunday morning was too cold to run outside (10 with a wind chill of -4). I walked 2 miles on the treadmill just to get some steps in, and then at 2 pm there was a small window of 30s so I went out for 3 miles. Originally I had thought 5 miles like a normal Sunday but I was pressed for time, it was a little windy, and yes, I knew I would be way over 10,000 steps just with 3 miles so I stopped at that.

225.4 this morning - I love post-period weeks! It's going to be a crazy week at work but I am really going to try to stay away from buying lunch and soda. I want to be under 225!!!

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  1. Nice and active! Kudos to you!!!

    Focus on that weight goal!!!! Think about that when you want to grab something that isn't in the food budget!!! You can do it!!!!