Friday, March 24, 2017

Shopping when Plus Size

About this time last year I had to go shopping again because I needed some summer clothes for our upcoming cruise and nothing from the previous year fit. Thankfully Kohls was my lifeline when it came to buying size 18W shorts. I unfortunately need the W after the size until I am well into the 100s, which I am far from now. Last time around I was able to get into 16 after 16W before going down to 14.

But the clothing I bought last year isn't really right for a trip out west where we will be doing short hikes (2-3 hours) in sweltering heat (Moab, UT) and less-hot (Yellowstone). And I hope to get the family doing a lot of hiking before then, so I need hiking shorts.

LLBean - Fail
Lands End - Fail
REI - Fail

Even the stores that do go up to 18 (which most of them don't), I NEED the W! Thankfully it appears at the Columbia site is coming to the rescue.  I ordered 2 shorts and 2 shirts. Both are 1X (god I hate the "X") which is 16W - 18W. Even if the shorts are a little snug, I will have them in-house as an incentive. I don't usually need plus sizes on top (*sigh, there are some places I just don't gain weight!) but the length seems attractive which I feel like I need right now, to enjoy myself more. I can't wait for the stuff to come. Why can't all retailers be like Amazon Prime - I am so used to my 2-day shipping!

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  1. Same problem here!!!! I ended up buying men's hiking pants at Eddie Bauer...they look no different but they went larger!

    There is a huge gap between 18W and's frustrating!!