Friday, March 24, 2017

Horray For Friday

I am so excited it is Friday, though a little sad that my "vacation" is over - ie my manager will be back from vacation. I like her and she's very hand's off, but knowing that she won't even pop in on IM or email because she has been in Europe visiting her kids, has been nice.

Tomorrow I WILL go to Weight Watchers, so yet again, a Friday of trying to be strong-willed when it comes to eating. My dinners the last couple of nights have been so-so (meaning I have had seconds both nights, but not drastic).

Yesterday I had to leave work mid-day because of Parent/Teacher conferences - My last meeting of the morning was post-poned so I ducked out a little early to head to BJs to pick a few things up. With a hectic spring schedule starting any minute, I made sure we had enough paper towel and toilet paper to last us a while, plus I got a bag of chicken nuggets and Buffalo tenders. Not food I am incredibly proud of, but definitely necessary for our spring schedules. Also, I did my normal grocery shopping Thursday night so I don't need to go out tonight. Everyone in my family was very disappointed I didn't pick up any junk (ie no chips, no ice cream). The one indulgence I did allow my daughter was a loaf of yummy looking bread (from the bakery section), but I don't plan on having any.

Another thing to keep myself on track is that I have my physical on Monday, so more blood.

While it has been cold part of this week, I feel a little spring in my step that the 10 day forecast doesn't have any days until 40. And there is rain, which hopefully will get rid of some of the snow.

We have some very exciting shopping this weekend. We are getting new bed pillows for the whole house. We are in desperate need of them, so we are biting the bullet and just buying them all at once.

I am also going to do some shopping for our trip - I worked on what we need and will space it out over time. My big purchase will be a Garmin for hiking. And I got my REI rebate, so I will go shopping there too.

I pulled out all my camera stuff and my dad's camera stuff and will determine what lenses to bring on the trip. As much as I would love to bring the huge lens he has, it isn't practical for this trip. While I would like to get some nice pictures, just seeing the sites and being with my family is more important. But I do want more than just my Iphone as a camera!

Happy Weekend! Be strong!

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  1. Your on track and you have your plan and willpower! You are doing great! /'d the family will love without the junk food!!!!!