Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feeling Optimistic

As I get further in my 40s, I feel that my mood and my weight is more-so defined by where I am in my cycle. After 17 years on the Pill, PMS and periods were really nothing I had to think of. My period lasted 36-48 hours, always came on Tuesdays around noon, and except for the fact that I always had insomnia the Sunday night before, life was normal. But now I definitely feel that the first 2 weeks are good - and that even counts during my period, but from ovulation to the end, I want to eat like crazy which is never good for the scale.

I am going to really try to work on having more than 2 good weeks out of the month. I say that now as I am at the very beginning of the month, and even though AF is a pain to deal with, I feel pretty good, which gets me to feeling optimistic about my weight. The scale this morning said 223.8. Which I know is a full 4 lb away from being out of the 220s. But it is a place I really, really need/want to be!

I said that I want to lose 3 lbs a month. I am hoping that I can be 223.0 by Saturday (weigh-in day, but also April 1st). So on one hand, that means that I wouldn't hope to be out of the 220s until May 1st which seems a lifetime away right now. But also gives me inspiration to really work hard the next few weeks and maybe reach that goal early. Not that this would happen every month, but I still kind of feel that I am starting over since I've been ping-ponging around with my weight in the 2+ months since I started WW again. So if I am really diligent between now and Easter, I could see that magic 21#. It has been way too long. I remember doing one of those 3-day liquid things last February and I think I saw 219 for 1 day. But other than that, I had pretty much auto-piloted myself from 200 to 220 between September 2015 and February 2016.

I am still eagerly awaiting the shipment of clothes I ordered from Columbia, so I can really get a "before" picture and have a thought in my head of where I want to be physically (not necessarily weight-wise) but the time we leave on our vacation in 4 1/2 months.

And Thursday night I am finally getting my hair cut and colored again - it has been since right after the New Year, so I am badly in need! I can't wait to get the length cut some more as well!

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  1. Recognizing the issues within your cycle and your desire for food is the first thing to correcting the issues!!!! You are on the right path!!!