Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hump Day!

Thank goodness it is Wednesday - I just want this week to be over. It hasn't been overally bad, I just want the weekend!

My eating has been so-so, though this morning the scale was still up 4 lbs from 9 days ago! Yesterday, at the last minute I left work a little early to go get my Iphone screen replaced. I had a 4:00 appointment and then had 90 minutes to kill, at an outside mall, with no phone! What a weird feeling. I wandered around for 45 minutes, window shopping but not buying anything. I was looking for anywhere to get a book or a magazine but it is a high-end outside mall so nothing (though an Amazon bookstore is opening soon - I didn't know that type of thing existed. Remember when Amazon was only books?!) I decided to get something to eat because i was a little hungry and knew I probably wouldn't be home in time for dinner, so I got a small burrito (which is actually the middle size) and a small Nutella shake (again, the middle size). And then I decided to go back and sit in my car. My car was parked behind the GAP and there was a big sign at the GAP saying "free wi-fi" and it did reach to my car so I could use my work laptop for the second half. How sad we are to be tethered to our devices all the time.

Today I am working from home again. My manager is out through this week so I am taking advantage of that and WFH (other co-workers normally WFH on Wednesdays so there would be NO ONE from my group in the office today!). I did yet another purge of the fridge/freezer/pantry and I already made my grocery list. My family isn't very happy that there is very little "fun" to eat in the house, but for now that is what I need.

I haven't run in almost 2 weeks. My high of the 70 degree weather in February has crashed and burned because of the cold and snowy weather lately. Yes it was 55 yesterday which melted some snow, but not a lot. The snow banks are still huge. Today it was 37 when I woke up but will be 20 by the end of the day and 15 when I would get up to run in the morning. Since our step challenge is over, I have been incredibly sedentary. Not good.

So  I am hoping, praying to be good today while I WFH. There isn't a ton I could get into, but there are some marshmellows and some semi-sweet chocolate bits that I could do damage with, but won't!

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