Friday, September 10, 2010

So far so good....

After my WW meeting yesterday I created some new menu planning grids to work with to make it easier for me to decide our dinners and know how much of dinner I can eat.

I also created a one page/week tracker so I can more easily track my 35 points. I like my 3 month book but you keep having to flip back to the 35 points.

Last night's dinner of chicken-stir fry was quickly derailed when my husband had to work to remove computer viruses from our company's machines. No way I could have done all the cutting up for stir-fry with the kids around, plus they wouldn't be interested in it to begin with. So I made breakfast for dinner for the 3 of us - eggs, sausage, pancakes - quick and I did stay within my points.

I got all my stuff ready for walking on the treadmill this morning, but my son was up at 1:00 am and I didn't fall asleep again until 2:30. It was okay the other morning when I was up from 11-12. But I was just too tired, so the alarm got turned off.

The scale was down this morning. I can lose .8 by Thursday. I can lose .8 by Thursday. I also tried on several of my size 16 pairs of pants and then fit! One pair of jeans was actually too big so I put it in the donate pile. I think I am firmly a size 16W, but not a size 16.

I will stay within my points this weekend. I will. I will.

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