Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekly Weigh-In

Last Week: 195.4
This Week: 196.4
Change: +1.0
Total Lost: 19.6

I was expecting the gain after my 4 day mini-binge/non-tracking period last Friday - Monday. But the damage could have been a whole lot worse.

This week I am hoping to get down to 194.0. But with PMS coming up I'll have to work extra hard. But I can do it.

Today we find out if WW At Work is renewed for another session. I am thinking it is highly unlikely. So then I will be stuck going to a center at lunch time on Thursdays. I've never gone consistently to a center. I like it so much more when your Leader is weighing you in and the group is small and full of people you know. But I will force myself to go to the center because this past week, knowing I wouldn't have to get weighed in, was proof of what happens when I am not accountable to anyone.

This past week has also shown how quickly I can go from feeling great about myself, to not feeling so good. I was tempted to grab the 18W pants this morning and not the 16W, but I didn't. The smaller pants do make me feel better.

Here is to a good week!

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