Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Straight to the donate pile

For the second time in a week, I took off a pair of pants at the end of the day, washed them, and put them right in the donate pile. The first pair I was pretty afraid all day would fall off. The second pair just looked so baggy and saggy. Both pairs were size 18w. I have some pairs of size 18 that still fit, but with the extra room in the "W" pants, they are getting too big. And that also means that I have 16Ws that I can wear. Unfortunately straight on size 16s don't seem to fit well around the stomach. Darn kids!

I am worried about weigh-in tomorrow. I so badly wanted my 10%. On Saturday, the scale at home would have given me my 10% but I am back up 1 lb since then and I am afraid it won't go away before tomorrow. If it doesn't, I may end up with a stay-the-same. Ugh.

There have been days this week that I have been concerned if I am actually getting enough points. Since changing my afternoon yogurt to Fiber One, which is 0 points, I actually have 11 points left over for dinner. I am very new at calculating my dinner points, so I am either not doing it right, or I am actually under points for the day. But I have used 26 of my 35 points.

I haven't eaten enough veggies this week. I need to teach my husband to make more. Even though peas are technically a starch, when he makes dinner he makes enough vegetables for all 4 of us, that I would eat by myself.

So tonight I am making a little whole wheat pasta with the last of the homemade sauce from last year. I need to make sure I get my oil as that is another thing that has been lacking. And then I am making a huge salad. Need to stop on the way home and get some peppers.

Crossing my fingers.

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