Wednesday, September 21, 2011

As expected, no work out this morning....

A few of my co-workers have been sick lately and we all sit in a conference room together. I've been a little stuffy lately and yesterday I was having sneezing fits all day long. But mid-afternoon I started to feel run-down so made a conscious decision that I wasn't going to work out this morning.

Dinner was horrible in terms of portions.

I did stay up too late watching TV, including FF through the Biggest Loser. There is a 41 year old woman who was 277 pounds. She'll be the one I am rooting for :)

There are a lot of posts out there in blog-land this morning as there always are when a new season of BL starts. We all want to be inspired, but the show itself never seems to make a big impact on people. We all end up being where we are at the beginning of the season at the end of the season. We all watch the workouts and tell ourselves that we will move more. That our workouts will be more than just walking on the treadmill. And then before we know it, the season is over. Last year I saw quite a gain from the beginning of the season to the end (a gain that unfortunately has continued since the finale as well). So for me, I am going to just hope that I am less, not more, than I weigh today.

But I do hope that my Wednesday workouts will be really good ones. I'll do the Shred or some kind of bootcamp video and leave the biking until Saturdays.

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