Friday, September 30, 2011

What to do next week.....

I am not exactly sure what to do in terms of C25K next week. Week 5 is a pretty intense week in terms of not doing the same thing all three days and making pretty big leaps in how long you run. I've been wanting to try 2 different things with my training. Try at 1-2% incline as many people suggest to better prepare myself to run outside. And also try running faster than 4.5 mph. I don't want to try both at once. I think I am more inclined (no pun intended) to try running faster and repeating Week 4 before trying out Week 5. I did allow myself 1-2 weeks of repeats prior to my Turkey Trot and I think this is a good week to repeat.

Yesterday I bought a 3 month tracker at WW. This morning I pre-populated all the dates - anything to kind of give me incentive to track. The tracker will go through Wednesday December 21. So we've got 12 weeks until Christmas - wow!

I need to think a little about the clothing I am doing to wear outside running once I do get there. I only have hiking gear for cold weather, so not the right kind of pants. And I need to think about where I am going to put my iphone. I am also wondering if I want compression socks. I don't think you necessarily need them for a 5K if you are a thin runner, but since i am not and prone to shin splints, it is something I am considering.

I remain nervous to be doing WW while exercising (though I have yet to do my other 2 days of non-C25K cardio). I think I just need to prepare myself not to worry about the pounds so much, but worry about getting fit and loosing inches.

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