Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Running with no music

I went to try to do W3D1 of C25K and my iphone app was freezing. First it wouldn't allow me to add music, then when I hit Start it would go for a bit then stop. I really hope I can get it going. I ended up doing the work out but it was all out of order. And continuously having to look down to see the time will be hard. And especially since the times aren't as simple as they were the first couple of weeks. Last spring I got a bad crook in my neck and I think it was partially due to looking down at the treadmill too much. Staring straight ahead and only looking down to change speed is so much easier. And don't get me started about trying to run without music - it would be so hard!

The ultimate test will be if I get up tomorrow to work out on a non-C25K day.

Me and my friend are definitely signing up for a Turkey Trot - she said she would hang with me no matter my speed. Yeah!

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