Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An ashamed trip to the clothing store....

I  never thought I would be a size 18 again. I was even about to get rid of my 16W because my size 16 pants were fitting nicely (almost too big) when I was at 185. Now at 204 things are not fitting well. I have worn the same 2 pairs of capris all summer. I have been scared to try on my favorite pair of 16W khakis and black pants. Last night I broke down and tried on the khakis. They were uncomfortably snug. They aren't stretch pants at all, unlike my capris. I didn't even bother trying on my black pants. I wouldn't dare wear these khaki's because I would be afraid that they would rip.

Since I've felt pretty silly wearing capris the last 2 days when it has been 60 and pouring, I decided to head to Kohl's during lunch. I did not want to buy size 18W pants but I think I am a good 10 lbs away from the 16W fitting comfortably and knowing me, that could be Christmas before I reach that.

I found a few pairs of Lee pants with stretch material, so I grabbed 16W and 18W in a couple of pairs. I tried on the 16W first and decided I could get away with them (not sure if I want to put them in the dryer though!) I didn't even bother trying on the 18W.

I also grabbed XL and L in a few different shirts. I forced myself to buy size L - they are a little tight in the chest area, but the XL I have on today is really swimming on me. Again, not sure if I will put them in the dryer :)

Tonight I need to go through my entire fall wardrobe (it doesn't consist of much since I want to be losing weight). I think I might have bought a few too many items today ;) Plus I am not sure whether I have black pants - I seem to recall the black pants I had last winter had stretch in them, so they may fit.


  1. I'm leaving you an award on my blog today!

  2. Oh, and I feel your shopping pain, but you are getting back on track. You'll be back into the smaller sizes soon.