Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Last Week: 204.2
This Week: 202.8
Change: -1.4
Total Weight Loss Since 3/5/2010: -13.2

I made it to my WW meeting. I tried to give her back my 10% key chain and 25 lb weight but she wouldn't take it, but said I would get new ones when I earned them.

I didn't work out this morning as Thursday is one of my 2 free days.

I ate too much dinner last night. I need to have my husband put all my vegetables on my plate (actually, I need to start making my own plate again). When I went to get more green beans I got more of everything else too :(

I tried on all the clothes I had bought. The second pair of pants had to be returned because while it was labeled 16W on the outside it was a 20W! No wonder it was so huge. The black pants I already had did not fit so I exchanged the 20W pants for 2 pairs of black pants. The cute black dress I bought was labeled a M when I needed an XL. I tried on the XL today in the store and didn't like how it hung on me. I returned a shirt with horizontal stripes - what was I thinking?! So now I have 2 new pairs of black pants and I am all set for the cooler weather (of course it is going to be 80 tomorrow!)

If I really, really try I bet I could break 200 this week. I am not going to kill myself over it, but I am dieing to see the 100's again!

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