Friday, December 21, 2012

Another week gone!

Wow, I hadn't realized that I hadn't written at all since last Saturday's weigh-in. The week has flown by, but also dragged. Thankfully it is Friday and a 4 day weekend.

I really don't know what to expect tomorrow morning. I don't think I will have gained, but not sure if I will lose either.

The first half of the week was kind of rough - more nibbling on goodies I made. Sunday I had my parents over for dinner for a holiday Chinese dinner (1/2 made from scratch, 1/2 frozen appetizers). The scale the next morning was scary due to all the sodium.

Monday morning I had to get up at 3 am for a work thing with India and I never really went back to sleep. After dropping off the kids I lay in bed for an hour, but found myself watching tv. I ate surprisingly well during the day despite being home and being exhausted. But Monday night was Welsh Rarebit - a holiday favorite - cheese and sodim. Another scary day on the scale.

Wednesday I brought a ton of goodies from home - packaged stuff I didn't want around to be tempted by.

I've been trying to be pretty good anticipating weigh-in. Though I did have 2 pieces of pizza for dinner, so who knows what the scale will say in the morning.

The next 4 days will be pretty feasty:
-Out to Thai food
-More baking
-A huge holiday breakfast Sunday (no way we can do it on Christmas with such small kids)
-Latkes and appetizers Sunday night
-Christmas Eve dinner (our real Christmas meal)- appetizer, beef tenderloin, yorkshire pudding, wine, potatoes, some vegetable, not sure what my mom is making for dessert
-Christmas breakfast of banana bread, blueberry coffee cake, egg nog, fruit salad
-Christmas dinner - lasagna, garlic bread, salad, Christmas cookies

But Wednesday-Saturday lunch I should be okay!

All in moderation and I am going to enjoy the holiday in our new home.

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