Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I need to blog daily during this time!

3 days without blogging = 3 days of less than stellar eating.

At the holiday party Saturday I had some wine, quite a few latkes with applesauce, some chocolate pudding, and a little of other random dip and appetizers.

Sunday was a hectic day with getting and putting up our tree. Before I went I made gingerbread butterscotch cookies as a request from my husband, and pretzel/hersey kiss/M&M treats. There were a few licks and nibbles as I was cookiing. I made sure I had a PB&J sandwich before we went to the farm,  but the rest of the day was kind of a frenzied free-for-all with not a lot of distinctive meals.

Monday I was good all day at work. For dinner I made turkey tacos with vegetables. I had flaxseed tortillas and low-fat cheese and sour cream. Though I did have 2 of them. But all.night.long I was eating pretzel/chocolates treats - like a ton of them! Completely out of control. Salty and sugar combined treats should be banned in my house.

Today I decided at the last minte to work from home. A challenge yes, but a challenge none the less. My husband is out tonight at his company party, so we won't have an organized dinner, but I will try to eat a small, healthy meal for myself.

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