Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday check-in

It is so foreign to me to not be doing weigh-ins on Thursday or Fridays - in all the years I've done weight loss, I've always weighed in on Thursday or Friday so I would have the whole weekend to "splurge". I am loving Saturday because it keeps me accountable on Fridays.

Today is my work at home day and a day that is easy to be "off-plan". But the scale was so beautiful this morning, that I am huge incentives to stick to my normal at-work meals while at home. If this keeps up I will have a huge 1st week loss tomorrow.

I had a couple of challenges this week:

Wednesday I worked from home as my daughter had early release. She was home for lunch, so I split a box of macaroni and cheese with her - but gave her a lot of it :) We made our annual pre-tree-decorating batch of Chex Mix and I only had a couple of nibbles. For dinner I made one of my childhood favorite meals - chicken enchiladas, homemade rice pilaf, green beans. I made mine with flax tortillas and didn't put extra cheese on top. I only had 1 and took the second for lunch the next day. I only had 1 serving of rice pilaf (I love it so much I literally could eat the whole casserole dish). I did have some avacado on top.

Thursday I brought the leftovers for lunch which had me nervous because I don't know how many points it was. Thursday is the day I leave early to bring my daughter to gymnastics. Last week I was really good and ate my snack in the car, but I didn't get a chance yesterday so I was starving when I got home. My husband had made pasta bake with sausage. I did have a small second helping. We had run out of homemade italian dressing, so he had pulled out the bottled ranch for each of us to put on our own. I grabbed the light ranch out and tried to go easy on it.

This weekend we have a holiday party Saturday afternoon. I am bringing 2 dishes - cucumber cups, and 5 layer greek dip. But the party is from 2-6, so really that isn't a meal time. But it is a Latkefest. Honestly, I haven't really thought of my game plan yet. Probably will drink water (maybe 1 glass of white). I will have something to eat before we go so I am not starving when we get there. And I won't stand near the food table.

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