Monday, December 3, 2012

I survived my first weekend....

Weekends are definitely harder and longer when you are trying to lose weight...and it is the holidays!

Saturday night my husband wanted to go out to eat to celebrate his 6 month anniversary of quitting smoking - yeah him! He chose to go to a Japanese steakhouse. Prior to that we had the tree lighting in our town,so I knew we would be not eating until late. As a pre-event snack, I had 2 hardboiled eggs, with little mayo, mustard,pepper and scallions on a flaxseed rollup. Yummy! For dinner I didn't have anything alcoholic and I ordered chicken instead of steak. I did eat my son's soup, but that is really just sodium. I ate everybit of my food (but I ate it slowly since I was eating with chopsticks - I seriously considered eating every dinner like that!). I so badly wanted some of his rice and veggies. I wanted them really badly, but I didn't. I had had enough.

I really did have good intentions of walking outside Sunday morning. It had snowed a little on Saturday, but was supposed to be beautiful on Sunday. But we all slept a little later than we expected. My husband was going to take the kids for a few hours to do errands, and honestly, I didn't want to take an hour of those 3 hours to walk. BUT as part of my errands I did map out a 5K around my neighborhood, so maybe next weekend. I do plan on getting up this week to walk/job on the treadmill.

After a few errands, the day was spent inside puttering around, some decorating, organizing, and the such. I managed to stay away from my husband's open bag of spicy potato chips except for 1. So often yesterday I found myself about to just aimlessly put stuff in my mouth. That is why I love Weight Watchers - accountability that is a little voice that tells me no.

Dinner was a little bit more indulgent. My husband made this creamcheese stuffed jalepenos wrapped in bacon on the grill - yummy! And we had 4 chocolate turkeys left over so we all got 1, though I only ate the mini reeses cup and part of the 2 Oreos.

On to another week. I need go buy Vitatops, since I forgot them at the store, because they are important part of my afternoon snack and I don't have a good substitue yet.

I also am going to make our list of what treats (and crafts) we'll be making this holiday season, so it will help me prepare.

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  1. You're so good to plan ahead like that. Glad to have you back, JesseyBell!