Thursday, December 27, 2012

Okay, so I lied.....

The last couple of days of eating haven't gone that well and the scale as said some really shocking things.

Wednesday I went to work - one of the few people there - and was fine. I left early, around 3:30 and picked up my son. My daughter was at my parents for the night. We had no dinner plans - originally my husband had suggested going out, but since we got home at 4:00, we were comfy and settled by the time her got home and didn't want to go out. We didn't have a ton of food in the house so I just scrounged and picked and ate crap.

Today was a slushy, wet mess so I decided to not take my son to school and I worked from home. Again, the eating was far from stellar.

I was on an end-of-the-year organizational spree and totally organized the kitchen, and made a long list for the grocery store so we can completely stock up.

My water has been really lacking lately which isn't helping. I am completely bloated and dehydrated. But I WILL be going to my meeting on Saturday morning, no matter what. The gain will be extraordinary, but it will come off quickly.

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