Thursday, May 29, 2014

4 Mile Morning

Yesterday I had my first At Work WW meeting. I am just going to get over what my weight is at WW - to me my real weight is what it says at home. Yes, it matters when it comes to getting charms (someday I will hit 50 lb!) but for now I can't care.

I was way up at home, as expected, since I went on a mini-binge Tuesday night. And then the WW scale was 2.2 lbs heavier than that (but I was wearing jeans, and I didn't take off my belt, and I had eaten breakfast).

The meeting itself was kind of boring, because it was all review (and I never did Simple Start). But I still felt really good being there.

Last night I ate a normal dinner, and then made pancakes and waffles to freeze - Experimenting with different flavors so I can stop buying so many Eggo's for the kids (I do get the Nutrigrain annoyed they no longer make Nutrigrain pancakes).

This morning I ran 4 miles. 1 mile out, 1 mile back, then ran to a nearby road that had a gradual hill - not real long, like .3 miles, but I ran up and down that twice and then back for a total of 4 miles. I wear my Garmin, but not because I really care about my time. Just so I can log it on Connect.

The killer this morning was having to dig out my tights, that I had JUST put away this weekend, because it was 37 degrees! Hello May 29!

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