Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy 9 Year Anniversary to Me (and my husband!)!

I had hoped I would be down to my wedding weight by today, but I am 4 lbs above, but for the first anniversary since we got married, I am able to fit into my honeymoon clothes. By our first anniversary I was 7 months pregnant and for our 2nd anniversary we went on a cruise, but alas I was still above my pregnancy weight at that time (I gained 22 lbs in the 6.5 months between getting married and conceiving my daughter). I did almost reach my wedding weight in February 2011, for one day, but then immediately commenced my 21 month - 50 lb gain, so 3 months later for our 6th anniversary I couldn't fit into my wedding clothes.

So where will I be in 1 year for the Big 1-0??? I'd like to think that I will have lost 34 lbs and thus be "normal" weight of 154 (my final goal will hopefully be between 142 and 148).

But I know I don't do well with time goals. I never, ever hit them. Usually I end up gaining weight instead. My weight loss has definitely slowed, so I have concerns about being able to loose 34 lbs in a year (I've averaged about 27 lb loss year-over-year since December 1st). I know I need to step up my weight loss effort though - I definitely have not been putting my heart into it lately.

We have a info session today at work about bringing WW to work. I am a little excited about this, at least for the short term, because weekends are so busy in the summer. But having a Saturday weigh-in does help stay accountable for Thursday night and all day Fridays, days that in the past that have been notoriously difficult for me. If we get enough people for work, the weigh-in would be on Wednesdays at lunchtime. In the past I was nervous about having WW at work because it was my only option because I didn't live near a center, so every time we had to re-up, I was always nervous if we'd have enough people or not. At least now I know if we don't, I can go back to my old meeting or another meeting. I think I may still go to my old meeting after my 4 weeks away, or maybe after the summer. I am going to make it clear with the work group not to count me towards the 15 people because I am not sure how many meetings I will attend.

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