Sunday, May 11, 2014

7.5 miles - not all runs are perfect

Originally I was supposed to run with my running buddy and couple other mom friends of her (we run on a bike trail in her town). My friend ended up having to bow out because of foot issues, 1 woman had sick kids, and the 3rd had to get 10 miles in. Honestly I was a little worried because I knew I had to get in 7 miles. And so I ended up running on my own, which I am used to - I just kind of hoped to be running with other moms.

The day didn't start out too well. I was up at 5:00 am - An hour before my alarm was to go off.

Then when I was filling up my 10 oz hand-held water bottle, I realized the valve was broken, hence why it was leaking all over me last week. The other 2 small water bottles I have, the tops didn't fit, and those water bottles are supposed to fit on the strap of my pants, but I never had tried it and then didn't fit right. I contemplated wearing my camel bak (all this at 6 am), but instead decided to carry a water bottle. What a mistake!

And then I forgot to turn on my Garmin so am pacing back and forth in the woods waiting for it to locate satellites, which seemed to take extra long.

On a "good note", the black flies were in full force in the parking lot so I put on bug spray before I got on the trail. Good choice!

I decided to try Orange sports beans this time, since the chews could rip out my already delicate fillings.

Carrying the water bottle just made me miserable- My thumb was cramping up by Mile 2. I seriously considered turning around at 2.5 miles. I couldn't carry the water bottle in my left hand - it just didn't feel right.

But I trudged on. I turned around at 3.75 miles. I wasn't quite ready at 3.5 miles.

At the turn around I started eating the bag of orange sports beans - they were yummy, but I am such a mouth breather that trying to breathe while eating is hard and made my noise run like crazy. But I was better once I finished the pack (100 calories).

I never got the pick-me-up I did last week. I just slogged through the second 3.75 miles.

During that time I really started questioning doing a half. My face was getting the feeling it does when it is warm, and it was only 60 and not humid. How would I survive during the summer months? I looked and I did get up to 6.22 miles on the bike path in the height of the summer. But I would need to be getting up to 11 during the same time.

I knew that I would have to start wearing my camel bak. I need more water than most people and no way that I could wear that much around my hips. I'll try it out I guess.

But I did end up buying another 10 oz handheld, and then a larger 22 oz handheld today. I also picked up some Gu to give it a try....ugh.

My knees are definitely feeling it today. I question whether I want to try for 8 next week. I only need to get to 6.22 by June 7th (with lots of hills, which I am NOT doing right now!)

But I am not feeling completed dejected. Even if I don't end up doing a 1/2, it isn't the end of the world. But I am not ready to go there yet.

A year ago I completed C25K (for the second time), I ran on Mother's Day instead of sleeping in, I am 28 lbs less than I was  year ago. Lots of good things here!

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