Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Slow run, but a run!

I redeemed myself with 3.5 miles this morning. At first I wasn't going to set the alarm - just scrounge in the closet for clothes if I happened to wake up in time. But before going to bed I chose to put out my clothes and set my alarm.

It was in the high 30s in the morning. Brrr. I don't always check the temperature but someone had posted on Twitter how cold it was so I checked.

My time was pretty sad for 3.5 miles. I realize I wasn't pushing myself at all. My legs felt like lead the first 2 miles, but I was feeling good at the turn around so went out of my way on a side street to increase my mileage.

I am almost at 100 miles for the year - will be there sometime in my long run on Mother's Day.

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