Monday, October 3, 2011

Keep on trucking....

After doing W4D3, I decided to just keep going for Week 5 instead of repeating Week 4. I did change things up a little yesterday. I did it on an incline of 1.5% (I am surprised the incline still worked on my treadmill since I have never used it!) and I did a couple of the runs at 4.6 and walked at 3.6 I am going to continue with those numbers this week instead of trying to go to fast.

I have a date with myself for running outside. Sunday October 16 - I should  be on W6D3, so I will give it a try and see what happens!

Eating was eh over the weekend. Sunday we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then had my parents over for dinner, which included Apple Pie. We brought home cheesecake and my husband made a very rude comments at 3:30 when I was eating my cheesecake (we had eaten at 11:30 so I was starving). Like him eating cheesecake at midnight would be any better. I was very annoyed with him - he thinks because he has lost weight (without trying), then he is healthy. But he isn't healthy. His cholesterol was slightly over 200. His glucose was slightly over 99. He has horrible family history. And he doesn't exercise. And he doesn't really care about being healthy. I may be struggling a lot, but I WANT to be healthy. Honestly, I think that is a lot more important!

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