Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Thursday.....

Another day at home yesterday and another day of not eating great, thanks to this amazing Apple Bread my husband and daughter made. Plus we are allowed to wear jeans for 2 weeks so I knew the scale wouldn't be correct anyways, so I didn't even try. I am kind of mad at myself for not getting on the scale at WW, but at least I went to the meeting (especially since i know I can't go next week).

Yesterday was W7D1 of C25K - 25 minute run. I ran 2 miles in 25:20. I had wanted to run 2.25 miles but I was so done with the treadmill so I didn't push myself like I should have. Tomorrow I am going to run outside after I drop my daughter off at the bus stop so I should be able to try to go 2.25 miles.  I need to up my distance, which for me means upping my time more than C25K.

Here is to another week.... :(

Oh yeah, just for accountability, the scale said 206.6 today :(

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  1. 2 miles in 25 mins was my fastest - Good for you!!!

    Well, you did get on one scale and posted your weight. That's commendable that you stayed accountable about it. You're working on it. Keep up the good work!