Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nervous for longer runs...

I did force myself to get up and do W5D1 this morning, even though my bed was extremely comfy (I slept with the window open and it was comfortably cool this morning so the covers felt wonderful) and I didn't sleep well. But I did it. I didn't want to derail my progress for a few extra minutes in bed. Plus I am eager to just keep going. I am nervous and excited for Sunday to run 20 minutes. I am eager and nervous for Sunday October 16 when I run outside for the first time AND I run for 25 minutes.

I need to get my husband to cook for vegetables. He cooked a yummy pasta dish, but he only used one bunch of broccoli instead of the 2 in the fridge. I did have seconds though :( But I didn't eat the kids portions (I let my husband do that!).

I did also eat from the cafeteria unexpectedly yesterday. I wanted to show our new employee the ropes, so got a wrap and pasta salad and a 12 oz coke. But I brought my lunch like normal today.

Thursday night I am going to try to get back into the routine of going grocery shopping after dinner so I don't have to waste time on the weekend doing it.

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