Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sleeping in....

W5D1 didn't happen this morning.
My darling 2 year old was in our bed at 2 am - an hour later I brought him back to his bed. Between that and the fact that my calves were aching last night, I decided to delay the run until Wednesday morning.

The scale continues to be gruesome, but I have made some better choices of late:

-Monday we went out to lunch with a new employee - I got water, not soda. I ordered coleslaw, not fries, with my sandwich.
-I brought the rest of my food for the day so I wouldn't be starving when we went out to lunch
-I resisted the ice cream and apple pie calling my name after dinner.

We did get to renew WW for the next session. I really hope I get a loss this session instead of a gain!

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