Thursday, October 13, 2011

Didn't mean to not update for a week!

I knew I hadn't updated in a while, but didn't realize it had been a whole week!

Scale this morning is not good- 206.8. I had to work from home yesterday and by 9 am I knew I couldn't go to WW this morning because I was triple booked for work meetings during that time slot. So I ate a few too many Oreos, ate really salty food, didn't drink enough water and had seconds of spaghetti.

The meetings keep me on track. They really do. But if I can't make the meeting then I feel like I have no accountability and that's how I am 20+ up this year.

As for C25K, I am doing great. I did Week 6, Day 1 yesterday. I didn't get to do my 20 minute run on Sunday but I was home on Monday and did it then. It was hard, but felt so wonderful. I am running outside on Sunday - 25 minutes, though I am going to try to do distance instead of time. We'll see how it goes! Satuday I walked the 2 miles with my daughter to check it out. Also over the weekend I drove the 5K course. Only 6 weeks to go!

This past week have been very busy in terms of time away from the house, bad food choices. Here is to another week and hope this is a good one.

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