Sunday, October 16, 2011

I made it outside!

I almost didn't. My husband got up with the kids and my bed was so nice and warm (I had left the window open last night and it was pleasantly cool in our room) - I could have laid there for hours since I didn't have anywhere to be until 11:15.  But I kept telling myself that I did have a place to be. And the earlier I got up and did it, the sooner it would be over.

I ran 2 miles in 25:30. I won't say it was easy by at means. The start is downhill and the end is uphill - the end was hard! I was so tempted to walk, but I loved looking at my iphone and seeing the pace at 13:00. It was easy to use landmarks to keep myself going.

I used Runkeeper for the first time and while it was great to have the voice prompts, it was a little wacky where it would tell me the stats every 30 seconds for a few minutes, then not for 5 minutes.

I have completed Week 6 of C25K. Week 7 is all 25 minute runs for 2.5 miles, Week 8 is 28 minutes for 2.75 miles and Week 9 is 3.0 miles for 30 minutes. Well I definitely can't keep up that pace, so I need to start going for distance instead of time now. Since I've only mapped out a 2.0, 2.5 and 3.2 mile course around my house, I am going to do 2.0 all this week. Then next week I will do 2.25 on the treadmill on Tuesday and 2.5 outside on Friday and Sunday. And then Week 9 I will do 2.75 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday and 3.0 on Friday and Sunday. I am going to do a Week 10 as well which will be 3.1 miles all 3 days. Then I need to figure out what to do the last 10 days before the race.

Eating has been crap! A lot of grazing yesterday. Ice cream after dinner - though I didn't eat the whole pint of Ben and Jerry's. I didn't even eat 1/2.

Off to a birthday party with my daughter this morning - pizza and cake will be served. Great..

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